12for12k July Charity – Eye Care for Kids

As you realize, I’m part of a growing Twitter movement called 12for12k.  If you’d like to learn more about it, I’ll wait a moment while you scroll down to read a little more about our efforts under the leadership of the inspiring Danny Brown.

July’s charity is Eye Care for Kidsecfkjuly

Our goal, as always, is to raise $12,000 during the month of July to support this incredible organization, as well as to raise awareness regarding the challenges faced by children who struggle with undiagnosed vision issues.

There are over 9,000 documented (and estimated up to 18,000 including undocumented) annual cases of children who need eye care in Utah, children whose families aren’t able to afford it.

Let me put it in perspective for you.

Have you ever seen a tree?

One of the founders of Eye Care for Kids, Joseph Carbone, tells the following story:

A few years ago an individual came into our office.  He was in his mid-twenties.  He had never been screened or examined before.  He was Native American.  He came right from the reservation.

We performed a screening, saw that there was a need to do a comprehensive examination.  We performed the exam, and the results of the exam showed that he was quite myopic and astigmatic.

We fabricated some glasses for him, and he came back to pick the glasses up.  He put them on and looked out the window.

He began to cry.

He had never seen a tree before in focus, with individual branches and leaves.

Could you imagine a 25 year old man not having the opportunity to see?

I could just imagine if he was in school during his formative years, he couldn’t see the book he was reading, nor the teacher in the front of the classroom.  I can’ t imagine how that affected his life.

From that story, from that true scenario, came the idea of Eye Care for Kids & Families.

Visit their site, learn more about the ways in which this organization has helped countless children overcome the obstacle of impaired vision to become better learners and better students.  Then visit the 12for12k website or the Eye Care for Kids website, click on the 12for12k widget and donate what you can to support this incredible effort.

We’re not asking for a lot – $12 can make a huge difference, if we can get enough people to give.  Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about an important issue that can have an incredible impact on children struggling to learn, for donating what you can to address this issue, and for spreading the word.

*Photo from Eye Care for Kids website.



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4 responses to “12for12k July Charity – Eye Care for Kids

  1. Mickey

    Thanks, everyone, for your support and for your kind words. 🙂

    I also wear glasses, so I know how frustrating it is to not be able to see something clearly (or at all). The comments by the Eye Care for Kids founder really put it all into perspective for me (no pun intended) and I’m glad they resonated with others.

  2. adamtree


    Thanks so much for this great post about 12for12k and Eye Care for Kids. I believe strongly in using social media to do good for others.

    Just imagine not being able to see a tree, or flowers or words on a page. Many members of my family (including myself) wear glasses. Eye exams and eye glasses can get very expensive. Eye Care for Kids is doing a good and valuable work.

    -James A Woods

  3. Mickey!

    I will mirror what Danny said previously.

    Together we can truly make a difference for not a lot out of pocket.

    12for12k is a fantastic organization providing a *spring board* to help many organizations like Eye Care for Kids.

    Being blind myself, I couldn’t possibly imagine not getting the proper care to enable me to be a photographer/artist today.

    Thank you, Mickey for your selflessness and being a part of 12for12k!

  4. This is a fantastic post, Mickey, and really shows the human side of Eye Care for Kids, and why 12for12k is delighted to support them.

    Thanks for a great post and being an integral part of 12for12k!


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