True Colors

If you are interested in appearances (and here I’m talking about the appearance of your online identity, brand, what-have-you) then run, don’t walk, and download Colorzilla for your Firefox browser.

This little gem has incredible functionality (according to its website, at any rate), but I am still stuck on the bright, shiny object that is the tiny little color picker down in the lower left hand corner of the browser window. Find a color you like. . . could be from your logo, could be from a random image you find on the web. . . click on the little eyedropper, then click on the color and *BAM* you can now use that color wherever you can insert hex code.

Just double click the eyedropper icon once you’ve captured your color, and another screen opens up that gives you hue, saturation, etc. plus the hex code. Mischief managed.

Forget the days of eyeballing the color palate to try to match your colors. Been there, done that. I’m no visual genius, but I do like things to look consistent and eyeballing things is not the best way to make this happen. As I said, Colorzilla evidently offers a lot more than this (zoom, analysis, etc.) but in terms of graphic and web-based design, the little eyedropper pretty much rules.

Some other interesting color sites: Colour Scheme Chooser; Color Scheme Designer and Hex Color Codes. Interested in a little theory? Check out Color Matters. Just like everything else, I’m sure you can find countless sites about color on the internet. These are just a few that I found to be useful, so enjoy!


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