Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a festive and Happy New Year, with hopes for a wonderful 2009.

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post – I’ve been working on the center’s blog and creating one for Volunteer Managers, so things have been quite busy. I also created a Twitter account and have been playing with the website.

On a side note (like I ever really stay totally on topic), I finally figured out how to get that tiny little icon in the address bar and next to the address in bookmarks – it’s called a favicon and I used a service called Dynamic Drive Favicon Generator, created the icon, uploaded it to the website, added a wee bit of html and whooosh! Done! I feel so. . . so techy!

I also connected the Twitter account, the blog, and the Facebook page for the center together which makes updating super easy now. I’m not claiming to be Amazing Web 2.0 Guru or anything, but it sure is interesting to learn new things about how this technology works. I can see so many possibilities in terms of meeting my nonprofit’s mission. . .

Anyway, have a happy and safe New Year!


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