Deliciously Amusing

So I’m finally going to post about Technorati and Delicious, both quite interesting (to me) more as research tools than a way to promote my own blog (such as it is) or share my bookmarks.

Technorati allows you to search by popularity as well as rising tags (tags that are receiving the most search requests), so it’s an interesting way to keep your finger on the pulse. I’m not in love with the interface or the ad placement, at this point – perhaps I’ll get used to them. I’d be interested in hearing what others think.

Delicious allows you to view the most popular bookmarks, search tags, and if you create an account you can “subscribe” to certain tags. This last option allows you to find bookmarks that may be of interest to you. I enjoyed adding a few bookmarks (I chose not to import all of mine for now. . . I use Foxmarks at the moment and find it to be effective) mainly to see how popular they are.

Another assignment from the 23 Things is to embed a video from YouTube, which I did in a previous post (RSS Feeds).


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