Never Judge a Book by Its. . . Nevermind

Purely for entertainment purposes: if you have a blog hosted by Blogger, run (don’t walk) to the Layout Section and click on Add a Gadget.

When I first did this, I added what turned out to be fairly standard gadgets. Blog roll, archives, followers, labels (changed into Magical Tag Cloud), blah blah.

So tonight I’m thinking, these can’t be the ONLY gadgets available, can they? And the answer to that is, in fact, a resounding NO.

In taking another peek, I discovered that there is a gadget for pretty much EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET.

An extremely partial list:

  • Jon Stewart Quote of the Day (I was one click away from adding this one, I have to admit.)
  • Useless Knowledge
  • Sticky Notes
  • Weather Forecasts
  • BBC News Feeds
  • Digg
  • Sunset of the Day
  • Calorie Calculator
  • Periodic Table (Strangely compelling but no.)
  • Smiley of the Day (Please.)
  • Dog Health Tip of the Day (You think I am making that one up. I’ll wait here while you check. Go ahead. Seriously.).

There was one gadget that I was looking for. . . a gadget that lists my favorite or recommended books with pictures of their covers and links to buy them online. Given that information, can you name one gadget that I was not able to find? I’ll bet you can. . .


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