OK, so I have to admit I kind of snuck ahead. I glanced at some of the Technorati and Delicious information and will now need to go back to it. Clearly I need to learn a bit more about labels and tagging, although I am test driving my tag-cloud (it’s at the bottom on the right sidebar – sweet!).

There has also been a decent amount of information that is fairly specific to libraries in the Learning 2.0 guide, not terribly shocking seeing as how it was created by. . . guess. . . place with books, lots of media, librarians. . . yep, libraries.

I wanted to capture a good link about Wikis and file sharing – this page from the Maryland Libraries Merlin site seems to present a decent starter list of resources. Visually I think I’ve been most impressed with Wet Paint, but there are the ads to consider (and the limited file storage). PBWiki looks interesting, too. Here is a completely exhaustive comparison chart of Wiki software (you think I’m kidding but I’m not – it’s HUGE). Obviously deciding to use a Wiki is just the first step – then you have to decide which to use.

Mind you, don’t forget about Google Groups, Nings, and other resources out there. In fact, as a little reminder, I’m going to include this so you can check your progress – how many terms do you now recognize?


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