RSS Feed Me, Seymour

Well, I created an account in Bloglines but I am going to go back and either create one specifically for work or just delete it altogether.

I may change my mind, but at the moment I prefer Google Reader. I found the interface at Bloglines to be a bit confusing – perhaps they are just offering me too much along with my account? Anyway, I think the point of the RSS Feed lesson in 23 things is to find and populate a reader, which I’ve done.

In the event that anyone is still confused about RSS Feeds, here is the simple video that finally gave me my “Ah ha!” moment:

To prove it, instead of showing a link to my public blogs on Blogspot, I’ve added an application to this blog to showcase some of my current favorites (check out the sidebar to the right).

Now what I need to do is find out how to add a feed to either my blog (does it already have one?) or to my website. . .


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