Is Social Media for Everyone?

Beth’s Blog is just wonderful – I always find something relevant (and timely!) in every post.

Today she was discussing questions for organizations to ask themselves before jumping into social media. This reminded me of a discussion I had last week with some colleagues around this same topic. According to Beth’s Blog, here are some initial considerations regarding incorporating social media into your organization:

    • Are there pressing organizational issues to address?
    • Are there effective or efficient ways to reach same outcomes?
    • Does your current/potential audience use social media?
    • Are you being seduced by Shiny Object Syndrome?

    Perhaps it is better to have a concrete list … don’t do social media if … or the ten tell-tale signs your organization shouldn’t jump into social media:

    1. Your computers are falling apart because they are six years old,
    2. Your database is a mess
    3. Your haven’t updated your web site since 2001 because your volunteer left and you don’t know the password
    4. Your executive director and key leadership just walked out the door

    I should add that Beth also lamented the fact that many organizations are yes/no, all or nothing about it. She suggested that a better approach would be to try it before deciding so that you can make an informed decision.


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