The Reluctant Blogger

I never thought that I would become a blogger. For the longest time I thought of blogs as “online diaries” posted by people specializing in drama. I suppose that these types of blogs exist, but I’ve also found some incredible blogs, too, the kind that grab you and say, “Hey! Check this out!”

There is SO MUCH happening in the world today. I’ve discovered a handful of blogs that keep me informed, that introduce me to new technology or new ways of USING existing technology, and even a couple that keep me up-to-date on writing and cooking and what is happening in my own community. What is even more interesting, blogs can help you view the world through a different lens when you, for example, read a blogger’s reaction to a news headline or a local happening.

Maybe this blogging thing has something going for it, after all. . .



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3 responses to “The Reluctant Blogger

  1. I haven’t laughed that hard in years. Oh do I relate. Gotta love Shiloh. Loved it so much I copied the article (with your blog reference of course) and sent it to 3 of my most ardent dog loving friends. You are an excellent writer and a total hoot. With praise from a fellow professional writer. Elaine Love

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