Doggie Dreams and Stranger Things

So I am on to the Flickr exercise. Naturally I searched under “dog” and found this gorgeous image called “Dog Dreams.”

I am trying to figure out this Creative Commons agreement. . . it says that I can use the image if I attribute it, “. . . in the manner specified by the author.” Trouble is, I can’t figure out how the author would like to be attributed. So I’ll go ahead and say that this picture was taken by Flickr member bobmarley753 and hope that it is enough.

It received a number of positive comments from other Flickr members. I also learned that there is a FlickrEnvy group (by invitation only!) for outstanding photos, but somehow I suspect that I won’t be invited into that group any time soon. Hahahaha!

I went on to try theFlickr mashup exercise and created this little gem:


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